Barcelona’s best sports bars

When visiting Barcelona, for most football fans it’s a dream to go to the biggest football stadium in Europe, Camp Nou, but most of the times you get dissapointed due to sold out tickets or the fact that there aren’t any F.C. Barcelona games. In that case, you can try the alternative – watching a game in one of Barcelona’s sports bars.

According to BarcelonaHome, if you can find a bar with a TV on the day of a match, they are most likely going to be showing the FC Barcelona matches. Bars along Avenida Diagonal, close to Camp Nou, are always a safe bet if you’re after a great atmosphere. Most locals prefer these authentic Catalan cervecerias to the ones packed with foreigners and multiple mega screens.

Sports Bar

Sports Bar on La Rambla is one of the most well known locations for watching football in Barcelona. There are a whopping 16 screens and one huge HD screen to choose from. The commentary is provided in both Spanish and English, with the best atmosphere during Barca matches.

The Sports Bar is specialized in sports broadcasts, so if you wish to see any of the major European football leagues and tournaments, NFL, NBA, NHL or other big sports events, this bar is usually the safest bet. Even if there are a multiple interesting matches going on at the same time, they are all shown here.

A bottle of beer here costs around 3 €, which is a pretty normal price for this area. They also offer pizzas, hamburgers, sandwiches and pasta, with a menu costing 9 €. The downside of Sports Bar is that due to its location and its large variety of foreign broadcasts, the place is probably more popular among folks from outside of Barcelona than natives but the atmosphere of this bar is still excellent during every match!

The George Payne

The George Payne is known as the biggest Irish bar in Barcelona. Boasting nine large screens to display matches, you won’t be missing a single kick or swing in this bar. Though the bar has a large area, the screens have been angled in a way that makes them visible from almost anywhere within the bar. Here you can see all the Barça matches, La Liga, Premier League, Champions League and the most important yearly tournaments. In addition you can see rugby, American football and hurling in the bar, as well as all the major sports events from around the world.

The place isn’t too expensive either. You can get a bucket of five beers for 10 euros to share with friends and you can order basic bas food throughout the day. The place is always crowded, especially if there is an important match going on. Make sure to get there really early for El Clásico or other big events!

Flaherty’s Irish Bar

Flaherty’s Irish Bars are located in barcelona, Ibiza and Zaragoza. In Barcelona the bar is filled with the great atmosphere and service that provides. This bar is just off La Rambla in Ciutat Vella and could be just the place for you if you’re looking for a more intimate atmosphere than the other two. Three TV’s and a large projector display several matches live simultaneously. This pub is a little bit smaller than previous two but  you can actually see all the screens around you. This means they only play the commentary of the most important match, which brings viewers together in a different way compared to the other places.

At Flaherty’s they show all the major European football leagues and rugby, Formula 1, Ice Hockey World Championships and other major sports events. A pint of beer here costs 4.50€, with special offers and happy hours providing reasonably priced drinks. In addition to the beverages, the food here is worth trying too, but might be a bit pricey.

Source: BarcelonaHome

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