One of the best players ever, Marco van Basten, is preparing a revolution in football rules. Rules that may change football as we know and love.

Marco van Basten, the legendary striker of Ajax, Milan and the Dutch national team is the technical director of FIFA and is trying to bring revolution in the game we love so much. He says that football must be constantly watched and watched over it. We always have to look for how we can improve it and make it more „honest“, more dynamic and interesting. We have to constantly look for a way to make football attractive and good enough to football viewers.

One of the best strikers ever to play football announced its plan of 10 points that offers a revolutionary solution, but initial reactions are not promising. Football has long been without no major changes in rules and, while there are those who advocate its changing somewhat, there is still a majority of those who has a conservative attitude towards football.

Here are all 10 revolutionary points for making football more interesting according to Marco van Basten

1. Abandoning offside.
2. Time off with 5 or 10 minutes interval instead of a yellow card.
3. „One on one“ instead of a penalty kick (player against a goalkeeper, the player should finish strike within 8 seconds).
4. Without any breaks in game or substitutions in last 10 minutes of the game.
5. Quick substitutions (like in handball or hockey).
6. More than three substitutions per team.
7. Preventing mass complaining to the judge (with a new rule, only team captain would be allowed to communicate with the judge).
8. A limited number of offenses per player (like in basketball, after five offenses player should leave the game).
9. Decreasing number of player, instead of 11 vs 11, the game would be played on smaller fields with 8 vs 8 players.
10. Decreasing number of games per season.

Although I loved Marco’s stunts and revolutionary moves on football grounds, I don’t like his revolutionary ideas from “green table”. Marco, please leave football as it is, with its old fashion charm.

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