Old Trafford tour

Old Trafford experience and museum visit

I wrote about Old Trafford a while ago but few days ago I was attending match between Manchester City and Dinamo Zagreb and took the opportunity to went on a Old Trafford tour.

We booked a tour online few days earlier for a 25£. Since we arrived on a match day against Manchester city we were short with time so we went to Old Trafford directly from the airport. We took a tram, daily ticket for all four zones is only 7£. Tram stop is called Old Trafford, surprisingly right? 🙂 But believe it or not, stop is cricket stadium, not football. There’s a 10-15 min walk from tram station to football stadium. If you book tour online, my advise is to get there at least half an hour before the tour so you can get in in time. Usually is crowded and security measurement procedure is taking time.

On our way to stadium we saw The Trafford bar but it was closed so we went for a breakfast and a beer in a pub across the road which ends up to be also somewhat supporters pub. Prices very affordable, traditional breakfast from 3£ and beer from 2.5£.

We booked a tour at 12.20h, got to the stadium around 12.05h and because of security were late. It took us almost half an hour to enter but we managed to arrange being transferred to 12.40h group. We were lucky they had few available spots and we got a great tour guide. He was an elderly guy but great story teller with typical english humour so we really had a great time. Tour stops at three stands on stadium, in press room, dressing room where you can take pictures with players jerseys and you get to walk through the players tunnel. With visiting museum tour lasted about two hours.

At the end of the tour you got a free ticket for visiting tour and museum within 12 months and you got certificate for visiting Old Trafford which makes a nice souvenir.

Here are some pictures from the tour and the pub.

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