Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro is probably the most famous football building in the world. It was renovated for the World Cup 2014. Germany took the title against Argentina and Brazil won the gold medal at the Olympics last year. A Huge sum of money was invested in a new look of Maracana, close to 580 million euros, but a state in which this magnificent sports facility is found today is at the very least sad.

The iconic Brazilian stadium is left to decay and devastation. The lawn is not maintained, broken chairs were dropped on the pile in the halls, where there is also a bunch of other rubbish, which is fun only for stray cats. Once the pride of Rio today is its shame and not one of the professional football clubs can provide the resources for playing its games on Maracana.

Today in the stands Maracana is missing about 7.000 seats of a total of 80.000, the ceilings have big holes and areas for restaurants are literally stripped of any furniture. The interior of the building is attacked by moisture and mold and plaster waste from the walls. Renovation of the building was stopped after the three companies involved in the works found guilty of corruption, but none of the construction companies that participated in the reconstruction does not want to take responsibility for the situation in which the facility is currently located.

maracana stands

Administration of the State of Rio and company Maracana SA, which should maintain the stadium, are blaming Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016, while Committee corresponded that they returned the stadium in a state as it was required of them by the contract. Maracana SA, in turn, requires that the Organizing Committee make the necessary repairs to the facility. And while they’re both throwing the ball to each other, the once beautiful stadium was left in oblivion and left in devastation.

maracana lawn

Botafogo, Flamengo, Fluminense and Vasco da Gama played their big games in Maracana stadium before, but after the restoration, use of this cult object become too expensive for them.

– For football in Rio de Janeiro and for the people of Rio, SP is the worst thing that happened. The stadium was closed for three years and then can be re-opened only at very high prices – said Rubens Lopes, president of the Football Federation of Rio.

Flamengo last used the Maracana in October and on this occasion had to change the entire lawn, which was not irrigated or maintained. After that, on December 28th was played a charity match for victims of the plane crash, in which tragically died Chapecoensea footballers. To high grass was mowed just before the game, but the trash left by the audience no one has cleaned up until this day.

Football officials in Rio de Janeiro called the police to take immediate action to halt the destruction of the Maracana since there were also stolen numerous valuable items from the stadium, among them even a bronze statue of Mario Filho, reporter after which the stadium is named.

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